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xSIMS.de Nude Skin Natural Hairy2 Download
xSIMS.de Nude Skin Natural Hairy1 Download
Today I just wanted to show you what I am currentlly working on. It's two new natural female nude skins with pubic hair.

Feedback welcome :thumbup:

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A little easter present in form of a overt pantyhose that comes in white and black for your Sims 4 ladies.

The skin used for the sim in the picture is our natural shaven nude skin for females.

Have Fun :D

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Merry Christmas to all who care x:-)

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I finaly finished the new natural shaven nude skin for females
and released it today! :cheer:

Have Fun

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Today I released an updated version of the "Female Nude Skin Shaven - Natural".

This version got a major overhaul and is still a work in progress. Besides that it is now fully compatible with the latest Sims 4 patches it also got a new belly, belly button, collarbone, new nipples as well as a new vagina and a slightly remodelled ass. Some details are not yet "perfect" by my mind and will be updated over the next weeks.

Have Fun! :thumbup:

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xSIMS.de Fem Cameltoe Swimsuit News Download

Sexy High Cut Cameltoe Swimsuit in 5 different colors, with and without zipper.

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Today I updated the All-In-One-Nude-Pack. It therefore is now also fully compatible with the last The Sims 4 patch EA released at the 2nd of June.

This mod contains everything you need for a complete nude experience. It contains mods that give your Sims fully detailed nude skins, that enables you to undress your Sims and a mod to remove the pixelation e.g. when your Sims are using the bathroom.

The All-In-One-Nude-Pack contains the following mods:
Fem Nude Skins: Shaven2 Booty
Male Nude Skins: Hairy
Censor Remover
Nude Clothes/Mod

v1.2 ZIP-Version
v1.2 Installer-Version

Happy Simming! :D

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The Male-Nude-Skin-Hairy-1 has now also been updated to be fully compatible with the latest Sims 4 patch 1.19x.

Have Fun! :D

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The "Nude Mod" that let's you undress you Sims in the CAS by just clicking on the "x" has now also been updated to work with the last Sims 4 patch 1.19 that was released on the 2. of June.

Next in line to be updated will be the "Male Nude Skins Hairy" and after that the "Nude All-In-One Pack".

Have Fun! :thumbup:

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This skin is now also updated to be fully compatible with the latest Sims 4 patch 1.19x.
Have Fun! :D

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New and Updated Downloads

The Sims 4 - Nude Mod / Clothes

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Featured Sims 4 Download
The Sims 4 xSIMS Nude Mod 1 Download
The Sims 4 xSIMS Nude Mod 2 Download
Created by masc

Universal Version

This version needs at least The Sims 4 v1.19.x.
Click here for old versions of this mod.

Last Update released:
07 June 2016
Update for Sims 4 Patch v1.19x compatibilty

This mod does two things, first it lets you make your Sim nude in the CAS if you click on the little x and second if you save this to whatever clothing category the Sim will go nude whenever he uses this category of clothes.

More detailed explanation:
Lets say your Sim in the CAS wears a shirt and some jeans. Now you click on the Top x to remove the shirt and after that on the Bottom x to remove the jeans. The Sim should now be almost completely nude. If you have any of our nude skins installed you will see it now. Now say you save this as his Everyday clothing, this would mean that whenever the Sim dresses in his Everyday clothing that he will go exactly like he looked in the CAS. E.g. like in this example without any top and bottom clothes.

Download the mod and extract the package file that is within into your Sims 4 mod folder.

Following a list of everything else you need to be able to fully enjoy our Sims 4 nude skins:
- Female Nude Skins
- Male Nude Skins
- Censor remover to see your Sims nude under the shower and so on

And as always, please keep in mind that you are not allowed to upload any of my mods to any other websites.

Have Fun

Dieser Mod erlaubt zwei Dinge. Erstens kannst du deinen Sim im CAS ausziehen indem du einfach auf das kleine x neben dem entsprechenden Kleidungsstück klickst. Zweitens, wenn Du dieses Kleidungs-Setup, dein Sim sollte jetzt entsprechend nackt sein, unter einer der Kleidungs-Kategorien speicherst, wird dein Sim in diesen Situation genauso, also nackt, herumlaufen.

Detaillierte Erklärung:
Nehmen wir mal an dein Sim trägt im CAS ein T-Shirt und eine Jeans. Nun klickst du auf das kleine x neben dem T-Shirt-Symbol um das Shirt auszuziehen und als nächstes auf das entsprechende Symbol für die Jeans. Dein Sim sollte jetzt kein Oberteil und kein Unterteil mehr anhaben. Wenn du einen unserer Nude-Skins installiert hast, wirst du diesen nun sehen können. Nehmen wir weiter an du speicherst diese Kleidungs-Konfiguration jetzt unter Alltagskleidung, dann wird dein Sim im Alltag genau so, also nackt herumlaufen.

Downloade den Mod und entpacke die darin enthaltene Package-Datei in deinen Sims 4 Mod-Ordner.

Nachfolgend alles was ihr sonst noch benötigt um komplett "realistische" nackte Sims genießen zu können:
- Frauen - Nude Skins
- Männer - Nude Skins
- Den Censor-Remover, damit ihr eure Sims auch beim Baden, Duschen usw. nackt seht

Und wie immer, bitte beachtet das es nicht erlaubt ist meine Mods auf andere Webseiten hochzuladen!

Have Fun

Version History
Release 2 - 07. June 2016 - Update to make mod compatible with Sims 4 patch v1.19.28.1010 released 02. June 2016

Older Versions / Alte Versionen
v1.0 for The Sims 4 prior to v1.19.x / für Die Sims 4 vor v1.19x

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