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Another creation our members asked for.
Have Fun! :D

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xSIMS.de Fem Hot Pants Spandex Zipper 1 Quartett News Update Download

Some of you wished for a black and a white version of the hoptants ... your wish is my command! ;)

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We wish you all a Happy New Year!
May this year be fun and sexy for you ;)

Like I promised in the forums, I've prepared a little New-Year-Gift for you and will release it during the next days. If you like it please like and share the video.

Shiny Spandex Hot Pants with Zipper:

(No video displayed? / Kein Video angezeigt?: Java & Flash Installed/Installiert?)

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Some prefer to squeeze themselves in red scratchy coats and wear itching white beards; however the Sims chose to dress sexier for Christmas. A shiny and soft spandex Catsuit guarantees a relaxed holiday season.

As a special for our Supporters there is also a set with zippers and a unique Star Catsuit. :thumbup:

Merry Christmas!

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Have a look at our upcoming new mod. Feedback as always welcome! x;-)

(No video displayed? / Kein Video angezeigt?: Java & Flash Installed/Installiert?)

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Featured Sims 4 Download
xSIMS.de Fem Pantyhose Seamless Waist 1 Front Download
xSIMS.de Fem Pantyhose Seamless Waist 1 Back Download
Created by masc

Goto Download Page

Seamless, waist high, shiny, female pantyhose in 10 different colors. A sexy accessory that can be combined with almost everything.

xSIMS.de Fem Pantyhose Seamless Waist 1 Colors Download

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Not a surprise but right before Christmas, and ready to be added to your letter to Santa, the Sims Expansion "Get Together" will be released. It is due to at the 8th (US) /10th (EU) of December for around 40$/€.

It'll be all about Cubs. Your Sim can visit them and do special club activities or you can found and build a very own club. Can't wait to see those your nudist clubs. ;)

Here is the official trailer and Link.

(No video displayed? / Kein Video angezeigt?: Java & Flash Installed/Installiert?)

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Sims 4 Member Creation
The Sims rsz naamloos2 Download
The Sims rsz naamloos Download

Hey all,

This is my new creation. This time its not a real micro thong in particular.
If we follow the lines of the bikini dot com it is still a radical thong, but not the most extreme. The most extreme one should be my hot pink sexy bitch one. And this one is behind that. This is due to the back where its not just a single string.
The front however still reveals much.

Next to this one a sky blue one is coming up later. The sky blue one has an open front with just 3 strings which forms a triangle. Probally that one comes in 2 variants, since i have one with just the blue strings, and one where at the blue strings the line; I'm a horny sexy bitch is written.

I dont know however is this is the best look. But whatever, now were talking about the orange one.

So for this one, have fun with it, and onto the next one.

Its found at the everyday section, but if you want it in another category, then select that category and click the red cross underneath it. This way you can have the thong in another category.

Again, have fun with it!

Cheers, Mara

sexy bitch orange.rar
(349.33 KiB) Downloaded 4655 times

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The Sims rsz 1naamloos Download
The Sims rsz 1rsz 1rsz 1naamloos 2 Download
The Sims rsz naamloos 3 Download
The Sims rsz naamloos4 Download
Sims 4 Member Creation

In succession of my latest items, the sexy bitch thong and monokini, i have rebranded the sexy bitch line. It now is called;

I'm a Sexy Bitch!

Despite the black color of this new micro thong, i will continue the line with different colors. Im planning to make an orange one for example. Also im planning to do other parts of clothing as well.

For the rest, you can find this item the easiest at the everyday bottom section, but if you want it to have as a swimwear thong, for example, then just select the swimwear categorie, and then underneath that click the cross so that all items are shown again.

Hope you had fun with it!

Untill the next item.

Cheers, Mara

im a sexy bitch.rar
(65.16 KiB) Downloaded 5143 times

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New and Updated Downloads

Transparent Red Negligee

Featured Sims 4 Download
The Sims Chemise Transparent Red 2 Download

Transparent Red Negligee.
Can be found at Chemises.

Transparentes, rotes Negligee.

Transparent Red Negligee...

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Black Star Stockings

Featured Sims 4 Download
xSIMS Black Star Stockings Download

Black Star Stockings.

Schwarze Stern Strapse.

Black Star Stockings...

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Female Catsuit Fishnet 1

1, 2, 3, 4

Featured Sims 4 Download
xSIMS Female Catsuit Fishnet 1 Download

Created by masc

Black Female Catsuit Fishnet. A sexy accessory that can be combined with almost everything.

Schwarzer Fishnet Catsuit. Ein sexy Accessoire das sich mit fast allem kombinieren lässt.

Female Catsuit Fishnet 1

xSIMS Female Catsuit Fishnet 1 combinations

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Cameltoe Swimsuit

1, 2

Featured Sims 4 Download
xSIMS.de Fem Cameltoe Swimsuit Download

Created by masc

Female Cameltoe Swimsuit 1

Highcut Cameltoe Swimsuit in 5 colors, with and without zipper.

Badeanzug mit hohem Beinausschnitt in 5 verschiedenen Farben, mit als auch ohne Reisverschluß....

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