No return response

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No return response

Postby mellyxbutton » Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:26 pm

]Not sure why this site isn't maintained, when they take your donations!!
Since joining, and donating, I've never been able to "use" said items...but they (site)
got my money, and I'm sure they're able to use that. See the problem? I see where one
of the 3 who run, maintain this site has logged on...but when I asked a question in a private
message to that person, NO RESPONSE what so ever. So, that's the and learn. Such
high recommendations for this site, yet, its out dated and not handled where donation
was made, problems occurred, money was used...No results on the problem...No response to correspondence.. :mad2:

Happy Simming

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Re: No return response

Postby masc » Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:53 pm

First off you are massively violating our Netiquette and that is something we do not tolerate. Not only you are spreading false accusations but also you haven't posted a help request in these forums like one should do if he want's help. That's why theses forums exist and why the Netiquette and the FAQ mentions them as the first point of contact in case of issues you can't fix yourself. This is the one and only warning you will receive!

Think about it, if you want someone to help you, don't you think it might be wiser to ask politely?

So the right way to do things when having an issue are to follow the two anouncements in this forum. They are there for a reason!:
-> Having Issues?
-> Required Reading: Netiquette

After you did that and used these forums and tried the different solutions you can find in here and after you used the FAQ and tried the solutions mentioned there for common issues, only after that if you still couldn't figure out how to get things to work you should come back to these forums and post about your issue and describe exactly what the issue is and under what circumstances the issue occurs and what you already tied to solve it.

One last thing to think about, why should someone spent their private time to help you if you yourself not even willing to spend some time to use the forums and the FAQ?
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