Information 5 football betting odds with asian handicap must

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Information 5 football betting odds with asian handicap must

Postby reborn01790 » Wed Mar 27, 2024 5:34 am

What is Asian handicap? Why do all bettors need to understand how to play this type of betting? To grasp the details mentioned above, let's take a look at Wintips' comprehensive article summarizing the knowledge verified paid soccer tips about this type of play and reviewing the top 5 betting odds that punters must know.

What is Asian handicap?
Asian handicap is known as one of the three most widely covered traditional betting types in Vietnam. In addition to the mentioned type, players also recognize this type through various other names such as handicap betting or handicap.
In this regard, bookmakers will provide the supercomputer with information about two clubs including performance, ranking, lineup, injuries, etc. Then, the IT system will analyze the relevant data to provide corresponding handicap odds.
These handicap odds serve to accurately reflect the difference in actual strength between the two teams and help bring the match back to a balanced position. Therefore, players participating in Asian betting need to understand the principle of calculating results as follows:
The club favored by the bookmaker will have the corresponding goal handicap deducted.
Conversely, the underdog team will have the handicap odds added to the final result as determined by the supercomputer.
Although it only exists in the form of 2 placed bets, there are dozens of different ways to calculate the win-loss result when participating in handicap betting. Therefore, investors must equip themselves with a vast knowledge base and experience in analyzing accurate odds from experts or professionals.
Common types of Asian handicap
So when wanting to participate in handicap betting, investors must first understand how to play the basic match odds of this type:
Level ball handicap
The level ball handicap appears when there is not much difference in skill between two clubs. In this case, if the player bets on the correct team to win, the bet will be returned including capital and profit. If betting on the losing team, the bettor will be deemed to lose the entire amount. If the match ends in a draw, the bettor will be refunded the entire capital.
Half ball handicap
The half Asian handicap, also known as the half level handicap, will be denoted as 1/4, 0.25, or 0/0.5. At that time, bettors will face one of six cases when placing their bets:
Betting on the higher handicap:
If the chosen team wins the match, the bettor also profits.
If neither team can determine the winner, the bettor loses 50% of the capital.
If the chosen team loses, the investor loses 100% of the bet.
Betting on the lower handicap:
If the chosen team wins, the investor profits fully.
If the match ends in a draw, the bettor earns 50% of the profit.
If the chosen team loses, the bettor loses the entire capital.
Three quarter ball handicap
According to analysis, this Asian handicap has a slightly more complex calculation than the remaining odds. Because then, when placing bets, players will encounter the following cases:
Choosing the team with a 0.75 handicap:
Players will profit fully if the selected team wins by at least 2 goals.
If the team still wins but with only a 1-goal difference, the investor earns 50% of the profit.
If the team cannot win, the bettor loses the entire amount.
Choosing the underdog team with a 0.75 handicap:
Investors will profit fully if the team does not lose to the opponent.
If the team loses by exactly 1 goal, the bettor will lose 50% of the capital.
If the team loses by at least 2 goals, the player loses the entire bet.
One ball handicap
The Asian handicap of 1 ball will be denoted as a 1.0 handicap on the trading floor with the corresponding calculation as follows:
If the higher handicap team can beat the opponent by at least 2 goals: The investor betting on the favored team wins fully, while those who bet on the underdog team lose all.
If the higher handicap team wins by only 1 goal against the opponent: The investor betting on the favored team wins half the bet, while the underdog team bettors lose half the capital.
If both teams end the match in a draw or the underdog team unexpectedly wins: The bettor betting on the favored team loses all, while the one betting on the underdog team wins fully.
Understanding the above betting odds will help punters make more informed decisions when engaging in Asian handicap betting.

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Experience when playing accurate Asian handicap
Many bettors, especially newcomers who are new to betting, find it difficult to profit from handicap betting without the necessary experience. Therefore, refer to the following shares from the leading Sports experts below to increase your chances of winning bets in Asian handicap:
Understand match information
First and foremost, understanding the two competing clubs is a prerequisite for every bettor. Only then can we accurately assess the strength and weaknesses of both sides to compare with the Asian handicap odds listed and make choices on the money.
For this reason, investors will need to gather at least the following information about the match:
Results of recent matches.
Current standings of both clubs.
Scoring ability/goal conceded ratio of the teams on average.
Availability of key factors (pay attention to injuries, suspensions, etc.).
Understand how to read Asian handicap odds
As mentioned at the beginning of the article, to win bets, players need to understand the rules of reading Asian handicap odds accurately. So if there are any doubts or misunderstandings about how to calculate wins and losses from the odds, study the guidelines from the experts mentioned above carefully once again.
Be cautious when Asian handicap odds fluctuate
Closely monitoring the fluctuations in odds also helps players increase their chances of winning in the match. Because if you notice any unusual adjustments, we can find out the reasons to reassess the odds of the match once again. Thanks to that, investors can change their initial money choices (if necessary) to avoid losing bets.
Choose Asian handicap bets in major football tournaments
If you are inexperienced, experts advise players to only bet on major tournaments. Because then bettors have enough basis to conduct research and analyze handicap odds. In addition, we can also refer to analyzes and predictions from experts about these matches to have more opportunities to win bets.

The article has undoubtedly helped readers understand betting tips best sites and how to bet Asian handicap to achieve high winning odds. So don't hesitate, visit the specialized websites of bookmakers to participate in betting and bring yourself a lot of profits when betting.
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